About me

As a 16 years old highschool student for the first time in Rome, I totally fell under the spell of this magic City! And when I returned for my university training and Ph.D. (history) … I remained and settled myself permanently.

In Rome arose my passion also for the spirituality, resulting in holistic therapist trainings for many years: crystal therapy, holistic massages, reiki- and aurahealing, healing voice, kabbalah, ayurveda, Andean spiritual tradition, and the schools of Neale Donald Walsch, Dolores Cannon, Barbara Ann Brennan, Isabella von Fallois, Doreen Virtue, e.a.*

Thanks to this spiritual work I have survived a grave and long challenge – or rather, I have been come out better! So now, I would like to give it to you, so also you will be able to transform your life in joy, gratitude, peace, love!

By now since many years I am with great enthusiasm your guide for the history, art and spiritual wisdom of Rome, and your holistic therapist in the sacral monuments!

Transform your life by the Antique Energy of Rome!

Drs. Judith Th.M. Verberne

*Professional registration number:
– Cod. ASI: LAZ-RM3763
– N. CONI: 267913