About me

My spiritual awakening started in 2009 when a friend lent me her book by Hernan Huarache Mamani La Mujer de la Cola de Plata. A world opened up for me, I finally found what I had been looking for for so long: the way to liberation from suffering. I read all his books, watched all his videos and felt how my outlook on life started to change. I also wanted to connect with the spirit world, so one afternoon in 2010, I meditated on a tree trunk by a small river in the middle of nature, and that’s when it all started.

Born in Heeze in North Brabant, I later lived in Eindhoven for my higher degree in Nursing, and for my university degree in Sociology/History in Tilburg and Rotterdam. In 1998 I moved to Rome, the city of my passion, where I actually was spending allready most of the time for my (post-) university studies and research.

Since 2009 I have been happy to guide Dutch-speaking tourists in and around the monuments of Rome. Although I love my job, I wanted to be able to tell my tourists more than what is in the average history and art books. I wanted to inspire them about the original meaning of the sacred symbols, architecture and monuments, thus bringing about a gentle awakening to the great questions of life. My desire for deepening went hand in hand with the spiritual courses and training I did – Hypnotherapy, Reiki, Crystal Healing, Holistic Massages – and so in 2016 I founded the present site for spiritual tours and retreats in Rome.


My diplomas/gifts:
  • Neo-Ericksonian Hypnosis (Mike Mandel, October 2020)
  • Introspective Hypnosis (Antonio Sangio, June 2020)
  • Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique (Dolores Canon, 2018)
  • Reiki Master (Rome 2017-2020)
  • Healing Voice (Gift, 2016)
  • Master Cristallogia, Crystals for Therapeutic Purposes (Rome 2016-2017)
  • Holistic Massages (Rome, 2016-2018)
  • Guidor, Dutch Association of Professional Guides in the Netherlands (Amsterdam, January 2018)
  • Catholic University Brabant, Sociology/History (Tilburg, June 1993)
My publications:
  • ‘The Bentvueghels (1620/1621-1720) in Rome. Characterization of the group and presentation of a new document’, in: Peter Schatborn, Signs of warmth. 17th century Dutch illustrators in Italy, Rijksmuseum Amsterdam 2001, pp. 22-32.
  • ‘Dissemination of culture and art’, in: H.F.J.M. van den Eerenbeemt (ed.), History of North Brabant, vol.III, Meppel 1996 pp. 324-344.
  • ‘Culture and art between innovation and tradition’, in: idem, vol.II, Meppel 1996 pp. 374-396.
  • ‘Production and consumption of culture and art’, in: idem  vol.I, Meppel 1996 pp. 399-421.
My daily inspirations:
  • Linda McGillis, Profundity’s Yours, YouTube.
  • Alba Weinman, Transpersonal Hypnotherapy: Spiritual Journey of Forgiveness, YouTube.
  • Antonio Sangio, My Soul’s Purpose: Missions, Lessons and Past Lives Through Hypnotic Regression, Sangio Hypnosis Solutions LLC 2020.
  • Maria Wheatley, archaeologist and author on megaliths, earth energy and ley lines.
  • Maria Grazia Lopardi, Geometria sacra, simboli, sincronicita. Lingua degli uccelli, musica degli angeli, Arkeios 2019.
  • Maria Grazia Lopardi, Chiara Mastrantonio, La Danza sul Labirinto. L’in canto unico della vita, Arkeios 2014.
  • Lorna Wilson, Healing Journeys through Quantum Realities. A Handbook, Starfield Press 2016.
  • Michael Garber, The Illuminati Codex. Guidance for Ascension to New Earth, 2021.

My tours, sessions and workshops do not replace a doctor’s visit, medical treatment or medicine.