Earth energies and heavenly influences

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Energetic ecosystem

in Rome’s monuments

Ancient civilizations recognized that the earth radiates harmonic energy. Pyramids, stone circles and temples, ancient walled cities and ceremonial enclosures marked these special sites, creating a striking beauty and earthly harmony.

It is a form of spiritual architecture that can be traced back to Atlantis. Though separated by thousands of miles, monumental sites were connected by magnetic lines of force that flowed across the Earth’s surface, branching like veins into smaller lines.

The site was permeated by invisible energy flows, the direction and strength of which were measured and adapted to the needs of the landscape and residents. Ancient sites connect earthly energies with heavenly influences, creating a bridge between heaven and earth, man and cosmos.

Ancient temple and city development was not based on secular planning, but on a sublime metaphysical system in which astronomy, geomancy, science and magic unite.

These healing tours reveal the awe-inspiring esoteric knowledge of our ancestors in Rome, who recognized that the Earth radiates mysterious energy patterns. Only separated by time can we too learn to ‘read’ and understand the land in which we live.

Recognizing and dealing with earthly energies is a rewarding experience; Gaia’s subtle powers flow through the world like magnetic rivers. Rivers refresh and purify, and we too can bathe in these magnetic currents to replenish our energy levels and raise our consciousness.

Our ancestors identified healing earth patterns and placed their temples and residences on its emissions. In the grandiose ancient and medieval monuments of Rome, we too can take advantage of this energetic ecosystem, which can bring us longevity and a sense of well-being.

The esoteric knowledge of our ancient ancestors has been passed on to architects of the Middle Ages: powerful geodesic lines were incorporated into the foundation plans of numerous medieval churches and basilicas, thus defining their axis and boundaries.

The stone holy water basin in a church, for example: they placed it above a geospiral, so that the water was energized by the earth energy – and that’s how we get to the true meaning of “holy water”.

Discover how the power of heaven and earth was harnessed by our ancestors in ancient monuments and places. And join the unraveling of the “keys” laid out in early Christian churches.

We can locate the power spots and experience how they unlock your spiritual wisdom and expand your consciousness. And above all, we can experience what they were originally intended for: our connection to the Higher.

My tours challenge the understanding of sacred sites!

Participation provides a gentle awakening to the great questions of life. The powerful energy of the ancient sites, together with my guidance, allows you to take a leap in your personal evolution. You come out better than you went in.

Connection, purification, awareness, transformation, fulfillment, coming home.

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Guided tour

  • We will visit: San Giovanni in Laterano, Sancta Sanctorum, Santa Maria degli Angeli e dei Martiri, Santa Maria del Popolo, Pantheon, Santa Maria sopra Minerva.
  • Duration: 3 hours
  • Fee (excl. e-bike, entrance, audio set)*:
    – Group tour:  €36 p.p.
    – Private tour: € 195 total

* E-bike: € 22 p.p. / Entrance to Sancta Sanctorum: € 3.50 p.p. (price changes are not my responsibility) / Audio set: € 2 p.p.

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